Adafruit BME280 or Gravity BME280 Humidity Sensor for Arduino UNO noob?

Im really new to Arduino.
I have an UNO that I want to use to measure Humidity, the research Ive done has suggested the Bosch BME280 package is the most robust and resistant to moisture so I want to use this for my project.

My question is which is the easiest to get up and running to display the level on an LED segment display?


Any help would be most appreciated.
Thankyou IA

They are both pretty similar circuit boards, my summary is if you are comfortable with soldering go with the adafruit board but if you want something with a connector go with the grove board.

The grove BME280 has a good wiki example for the Arduino UNO:,_Humidity,_Barometer__SKU__SEN0236