Arduino Advent Calendar Day 05 - Push Button

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Hi. Having trouble. Wondering if anyone having problems with part 1. Many thanks.

The photograph looks okay, but I can’t tell if the LED is around the right way. Make sure the long leg (anode, positive) is on the left, and the short leg (cathode, negative) is on the right. The short leg may also have a chord taken out of the yellow casing. Can’t tell from the angle of the photograph.

Make sure you’ve uploaded the code to the Arduino.

Tell us more about it. Especially; what’s the trouble? What didn’t happen the way you expected?

Thank you so much. You rock! Yes LED was wrong way around! <3

Also to make Program 1 work, the tilt switch should be assigned to pin 7 as opposed to pin 2 :slight_smile:

Well spotted! Program 1 should use pin 7 to match up with the overview and assembly steps.