Arduino Advent Calendar Day 12 - Going mobile with a Battery

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All done, but the temps are out of range:
Min: -50.00 Max: 449.51

The software says the minTemp is 100.00 and maxTemp = -100.00

(That seems to be backward)

Put in the fridge and the 4C was not shown or any change compared to the desk.

Something isn’t right. Checked the connections and the software says ledpin = 13 but the guide says to connect to gnd. Changed it, but no difference.

Changed the min/max to -100/100 and they are displayed like that, but no actual temp display.

These sort of numbers may happen if A0 isn’t connected, and is picking up radiofrequency or electrostatic noise from your local environment. Check and replace the wire from A0 to the TMP36 centre pin. Check the TMP36 is the right way around.

Also check the code from the page, as it was changed in the past few hours to fix the include.

Replaced the wire and replaced the latest code and it works!

Thank you!

Good to hear, @Mike59!

Also, you’re right, the setting of minTemp and maxTemp in setup() looks backward. It’s a coding trick. They are set to the opposite extremes, so as soon as the first temperature sample is read they will be set to that.

Hey, @team, setup() could have minTemp = 450; and maxTemp = -51; as these are just beyond what I get when A0 is connected to 5V or GND respectively, instead of TMP36.