Arduino Advent Calendar Day 15 - Moisture Sensor

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Hi all at Little Bird, I am enjoying the course. Would I be able to plug in a shield with a screen and have the output come out on that rather than on the serial monitor on the computer, If so which one would you suggest?

There are several. Search for “lcd shield” for the options. Guess you might need to use the other Arduino pins, and some shields make it harder to get at the other pins; this one comes with headers to allow that

Then you have to use the corresponding library, and where you have a Serial.print you have to use the library’s print as well.

It does bring a fair bit of complexity, and on some large programs you begin to run out of resources. But for the Advent Calendar programs you’ve been using so far that shouldn’t be a problem yet.

Thank you, I have ordered the shield from Little Bird and will give it a try.