Arduino Frog Phone

Frog Phone - Arduino Board. Telephone connection dropping out.

Can you refer me to a group or person within the Sydney domain I could
approach to assist me.

Naturally I would expect to donate funds towards the club, assisting me.

I need to find someone, who understands the circuitry, operational
procedure it follows.
To fault find and fix the problem that has arisen. Explanation: The unit is a frog listening remote device. We have used the unit to LISTEN to sound recordings for Threatened Species - frogs.

When ringing in the phone is cut off after 11 rings. Phone call is not connecting. This change was caused by a very hot day of 38 degrees . The frog phone was surrounded by 2 meter tall grass, the temperature would have been higher in the unit. The board has a flashing light , working . Light always goes out when a phone call takes place. The voltage is correct and stable.

  • I have prepared 2 emails with attachments, images of internals of the unit etc. Inventors paper in full containing circuitry, full explanation of unit.
    These can be forwarded for an in-depth understanding of frog phone.

I have no knowledge of electronics . EnviroNut

The FrogPhone: A novel device for real‐time frog call monitoring

I’m not in Sydney, but I do have frogs and have read about the design above. If it has been operating for months or years, then I can predict what may go wrong; it may be one of these possibilities;

  • nearby lightning strike damaging the radiofrequency parts of the unit; test by relocating the device closer to a tower,
  • tall grass, high temperature and high humidity takes the radiofrequency Link Budget to the tower beyond the limits of successful operation; test by relocating the device closer to a tower, or trim the grass,
  • the lithium pouch battery (if used in that model) has reach end of a normal life, or reached a critical high temperature in the sun on the very hot day, and can no longer hold charge; test by checking the voltage on demand or replacing the battery, and make sure the battery has shade.

(One of my environmental monitors had a lithium pouch battery that vented slowly on a 45 degree day. It really stank. The battery was too close to the ground, and the ground was about 65 to 75 C. Next time I do that I plan to dig the battery a foot or two into the ground in a sealed enclosure.)