Blank Screen on Pi Zero HDMI Output




I’m trying to make a Commodore 64 emulator with a Raspberry Pi Zero. I downloaded Combian64 on the SD card and when I plug everything into the Pi the green light turns on, but nothing comes up on the screen (I am connecting to TV via HDMI). Does anyone know how to fix this? Any advice would be great!

If it helps I am using an iPhone usb charger as a power source and the TV brand is Samsung. Because I want to make the project portable I will eventually use a 5 inch display but I want to get it working first.


Have you tried using the Pi Zero with a different operating system SD card that you know works? Perhaps it could be the Combian64 that is causing the display problem?


The developer Carmelo stated on his latest blog update that he buggered up the download images which he has since rectified, are you running the latest download files?


Thanks for your help everyone! :grinning:

It turns out I formatted the SD card incorrectly, and I just tried again and the Pi worked!