Bornay Wind tTurbine Controller

I purchased a Bornay Wind Turbine a year ago and it has a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that it uses for a dongle but they include no information on how to hook it up! Nor have they been a lot of help with this issue. The controller is a Bornay Wind + MPPT charge controller It uses a USB port that I think goes to the Pi3 and I would think into my computer from the Pi3 using a USB cable but that did not do anything. The Pi3 came with software for the controller loaded on it as I understand so why would it not do something? I am also wondering, if I do get it going can I hook the ethernet output to my router I am using for a LAN and monitor the controller on my laptop?

I did put the micro card into an adapter and put it in my laptop and It showed the card but did not load any operating system to my computer, to be honest I’m not sure if it should. Anyway, I need help.

Thanks for any help that might be out there.


I’ve searched product information but haven’t found anything useful about what you say you have. Can you show a photograph?

My guess is that it is a wireless network interface for the charge controller, and once it is connected and running it should provide a wireless network access point that you can select on a device such as a laptop, tablet, or phone. It will most likely not provide that service until and unless it is communicating with the charge controller.

My guess is the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ uses a microSD card to hold the operating system. There is a low risk that your laptop may have changed information on the microSD card. The contents of the microSD card is unlikely to be designed for use on a laptop.

The best outcome would be to get support from the people who sold you the wind turbine, controller and Raspberry Pi. How is it that they have not been of help? I’m interested in a wind turbine myself, and would love to hear about any experiences.

Hi Mike, did you get any further with this? I’ve just got a WInd+ MPPT controller from them with the same mystery dongle and am trying to get them to help. Its all very inscrutable. I can see the dongle on my network but I think its designed to be accessed from their website. I’ve several emails for them so will keep at them until I get an answer. They are usually pretty helpful once you get them to respond.

Mike, I spoke to Bornay this morning. The dongle needs to be connected to your router and thus the internet, which allows them to see your turbine remotely, and for you to log into their website and see it too. You need to email or and ask for a login.
I rang them and they were really helpful.
Hope that helps and you get sorted.