Broken raspberry pi its not software

i order a new raspberry 3 model b+ kit and the pi is damged and im trying to get a replace

Hey Jim, what is the problem? Can you include photos or more details? - Maddy

it would just be a photo of a rasp pi
ive hooked up it to power and hdmi nothing
change cords
and re installed noobs

and nothing happens
i have tried everything i can to get it to work

Do you have another power supply you can test with?
Is this the 2.5A power supply that came with the kit?
Do any lights come on the board?

yes i do and have tried,no lights and i put the multimeter on it and theres no flow

hey maddy
what is going to happen
are yous able to help me out

any reply , i just started getting interested in the pi
hope you can get back to me shortly

ill be ringing raspberrypi australia main shop on monday, next week if i havent heard from you
alls i want is to start getting into electronics but i cant if my main componet is broken

can you get back to me please

Hi Jim please complete the Raspberry Pi Repair form and return it to us here.