Case for RPi and 7" display

I bought this display and an RPi 3 some time ago, and I’ve been unable to find a good case for the display. Back in 2018 I used the Contact form on the main site, and got a response from the customer service team that was very helpful but that I couldn’t act on at the time. The answer was as follows:

Unfortunate we don’t stock any cases that suit this. But we can make to order a custom case for you.
We do this all the time we take plastic cases from jaycar - Sealed ABS Enclosure - 240 x 160 x 90mm

and we laser cut the top lid so the 7" lcd can be mounted directly to the top.

and we cut the sides to allow usb access to the pi.

We also add a 2.1mm panel mount dc jack to usb to power the pi.

If you would like us to make you one we can do it for $150

This is basically what I am after now, but for the RPi 4.

As the RPi 4 requires 3A of power, I’d prefer to have a USB power port than a barrel jack as I can easily get a 3A USB power adaptor.

I also have a 2x16 character LCD that I would like to mount myself above the display, and I may in future expand the project to include a motor fader, so if possible I would like the display cutout in the bottom left corner.

I would also like a way to turn off the LCD backlight when the display is not in use. Most likely I’d want to control the character LCD at the same time but I’m looking for suggestions here as I see no easy way to do this than to intercept either the USB power or the switch on the back of the display.

Is this product/service still available, and has it been updated for the RPi 4? Are any images available to give me an idea of what the final product will look like?

It is still possible to do, the raspberry pi 4 makes things a little bit more interesting but is still doable
i made a quick render of the 7inch lcd pi project box

Thanks for the image. Sorry I’ve taken a while to get back to this; I’ve been planning out my other intended upgrade to this project.

I notice from the arrangement of ports on the side that the RPi seems to be in an upright orientation. As I mentioned, I want to fit a motor slider in there as well (unfortunately there’s no way the character LCD will fit), so I need some space directly below that area. It appears to me that the RPi would collide with the slider if I mounted it there.

I’m also curious as to what the round hole on that same side is for - it looks a bit large to be a barrel jack, and I’m unsure as to its purpose.

If it’s too much trouble to move the port cutouts, I’d be happy to omit them and just have the lid cutout and figure out where to put the port cutouts myself, if that’s possible.

Hey, so I’ve noticed the RPi 4 model I want is now in stock, so I’m just about ready to go on this. Can I just go with a cutout for the display and not the ports? I’ll likely want to mount the Pi in a completely different spot to where it would be in the image so I can figure out drilling a few small holes for that.
Once the design is finalized, how do I make a formal order for the case?