CSR 4.0 Bluetooth connector to Tilt Hrydrometer and Raspberry Pi

Hi, I could not get the CSR 4.0 to work.
Anyway this is what I have been trying to do.
I have a Raspberry Pi W Zero and has a program loaded on it for a Tilt hydrometer. This talks to the tilt and displays on a small HDMI screen. You can log 6 hydrometers at the same time, but bluetooth range is limited so :-
I only want to log TWO Tilts
I am able to get one to display, but the other one is just a bit far for the bluetooth and also its in a Stainless Steel Fermenter in a well insulated Fridge.
Brewers have been able to access this by plugging a usb extension lead into the 5 Volt out port of the PI and putting in a USB dongle and placing this in the fridge.
They just tell me that they have just plugged in the Bluetooth dongle and it works. Not no the CSR4.

Nothing is display from the Tilt to the CSR4 to the Raspberry Pi. No even any errors.
Can you please help me on this.

I have also tried in my W10 machine that has no bluetooth, but it only comes up as a Bluetooth Radio device and I cannot even log my bluetooth head phone to it.

Tried logging my phone to it. It does recognise it and send a as a CSR8510 A10 It tries to pair and ask to put in a passkey, but nowhere on the computer can I put in a passkey.