Customer Asks: Powering Lilypad project

I’m currently creating a wearable jacket with LEDs for my my year 12 HSC. I’m currently using the 328 LILYPAD ARDIUNO with 8 lilypad mirco lights and the cell coin power source.

Everything is functioning fine, just the lights aren’t bright enough, would you have any power sources that could accomodate with what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks for your question.

Without knowing more about your circuit we can only provide you with general advice. Lilypad LED brightness will depend on a number of factors including:

  1. How you connected the LEDs. Sewing the Lilypad Micro LEDs in series divides the total power supply between the Lilypad Micro LEDs. Wiring them in parallel means that each Lilypad Micro LED will receive the total voltage that the power supply is outputting.
  2. The type of LEDs being used. Some Lilypad LEDs such as the purple variant have a much higher voltage drop than other LilyPad LEDs so it will be dimmer than the others.
  3. The power supply. Make sure your power supply can provide enough current and is fully charged.