Customise an Arduino (First Project)



Hi Everyone,

I am an electronics novice, and I was about to buy my first Arduino board, but then I realised that I would need larger EPROM and SRAM to run my program. I was wondering if there is any place in Sydney that can attach the EPROM and SRAM to my Arduino board?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you tell us more?

It is unusual to add EPROM or EEPROM to an Arduino, since the chip on the Arduino already has non-volatile memory for holding program or data. How much and what sort of data do you need to store in an EPROM? Usually for large amounts of data one would attach a microSD card.

For a program that needs more SRAM, it would be better to change to a different processor, such as an ARM. Have a look at the Teensy or the Adalogger.


Thanks quozi - I will have a look at the microSD card, Teensy and the Adalogger. I was also wondering if it is possible to integrate more SRAM, such as the IC SRAM 256KBIT 20MHZ 8SOIC at A$1.54 per unit with an arduino uno at $8.21? I ask because I am trying to remain as cost-effective as possible (even the Teensy at $59.90 is sadly a little high for my price range).


How much and what sort of data do you need to store?

Certainly it is possible to add a Microchip 23K256 SPI SRAM to an Arduino Uno, but it is not cost effective because;

  • you have to wire up the 23K256 chip to the Arduino, losing four pins that you can’t use for other purposes,
  • you have to code and test access to the 23K256 chip; it isn’t a natural part of the ATmega328 processor or the Arduino environment,
  • a fair bit of your 32KB Flash program memory and 2KB SRAM on the ATmega328 will be used up by the Arduino SPI interface library and your code to access the chip,
  • you only gain 32KB of SRAM, and it is slow to access.

If price of the Uno is a concern, check out the KnockOffDuino at $6 (at present).

If I needed to store 256 Kbit (32 KB) in static RAM, I’d be choosing a processor with at least 64 KB of static RAM included. It would also depend on how quickly the data must be read or written. The Teensy LC has 62 KB of RAM and is about $24.


The Teensy LC looks perfect. Thanks for explaining the issues associated with adding the SRAM microchip to the Arudino Uno. I am developing a product, but I have no electrical engineer experience, and I am looking for someone with a good understanding of development boards to help with this aspect. Are you on any freelance websites such as Upwork or Airtasker? I am a little hesitant describing my idea on a public platform, but you seem to have a really good understanding of what products to use and how to use them. If you are not interested, do you have anyone you could recommend for me to hire? Thanks.


Sorry, no, I’ve not registered for those services; they aren’t useful to me yet. You are correct that ideas on public platforms can be copied rapidly. I’ve left you a message with my e-mail address.


Thanks quozi! I have got your email.