Drone Flight Controller Recommendations



Hi Everyone

I am undertaking the task of scratch building my own quadcopter based on the Arduino and am at the stage of researching the best way to achieve this and designing it on paper.

I have looked at a number of flight controllers and am leaning towards the ArduPilot APM 2.0 APM 2.5 Flight Control OSD Board Support MEGA but looking at the documentation and reviews, it seems far too complex for my current level of abilities which is a rookie to get going.

My current plan is to have the quadcopter not carry a payload of any kind. Once I get it flying, then I will further develop it to carry some kind of payload.

I was wondering if anyone has used this board and has any advice or any recommendations for an alternative.

Thanks in advance.
Simon G


Hi Simon,
Drones are fun, and depending on your level of technical experience can range from basic to very complex.

A really good entry level drone that i would recommend to a rookie would be the the Makeblock airblock drone

I have also found these links which i found the links below as good primers on drones.

The ArduPilot Flight Control came from the ardupilot.org community on their forums you can find plenty of information about getting started.


Thanks for your reply Nick.

I shall have a look at the info you’ve provided me. It all looks to be very helpful.

Thanks again mate.

Simon G