Leap Motion with Smart Light

Hi all,

I’m a student at RMIT University in my final year. I’m attempting to make a Leap Motion control a LIFX globe or LED strip (when I acquire one). I’m hoping to outsource the programming/coding of it whilst I focus on my thesis and fabricating the form of the prototype.

The idea is to have certain gesture controls from the Leap Motion (input) to do various commands and feedback from the LIFX (output). I want to approach the interaction similar to this. And this video below.

I have managed to find this on Github also. But at my attempt, I wasn’t very successful and thought I could better my time writing my thesis and fabricating a fixture for the light source and sensor. My approach is in interactive light object that has a similar discourse as the X&Y Lamp by Flynn Talbot.

Could someone help me with this project or refer me to anyone who knows how to tackle this?

Thank you