Looking for freelancer $ Raspberry Pi, IR TV Controller

Hello, hoping someone might know, or be able to point me in the direction of someone based in melbourne who could rig up a raspberry pi or arduino to turn on a television and make or script it to play a video file. It would be paid of course.
The situation is this, have a TV in a space in which the power is automatically cut in the evening, than turned back on in the morning, there will be no one around to turn the television back on.
(This is only for one Month, its for an art project)
So I was thinking once power is switched on, a raspberry Pi could run a script via IR turning the Tv on than playing the file on a usb plugged into the tv via the televisions media centre.
The television has no CEC capabilities which is why Im thinking IR. I have found the following links:

And there is Heaps more, but sadly I do not understand Python, and for this project I would not be able to learn it fast enough to execute the this project in time.

They all use LIRC and from what I gather there is a learn mode in which you can scan the TV remote and learn the control pattern.

This is the television, its a “Dumb Tv” and pretty quality, but works fine.
Im aware I could solve all of this by using a cpu controlled television monitor but I don’t have the money for that and figure something like this might actually be easy for some people.

Thank you for reading, and apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong place.

What kind of budget do you have?

Maybe you could try reaching out to your local hackerspace or university, any 3rd or 4th year electrical engineering or computing student at RMIT or Swinburn University should have the required skills

Hi Nick, around 200 - 250 not including parts, I already have a raspberry
pi 3 model B
Do you think thats not quite enough for such a thing? Thanks I will do.

Aaron Christopher Rees ~