Micro:Bit Advent Calendar Day 01 - Meet the Micro:Bit

Need help for the Micro:Bit Advent Calendar Day 1 Guide (Use a Two Colour LED Module with micro:bit)? Just post on this thread and our highly trained team of Micro:Bit ninjas will be able to help you in no time!

No problems here, just wanted to comment on the beautiful step-by-step instructions. Great for my 10 year old daughter. Thank you!

Miss 9 and Mr 6 loved it :slight_smile: I had to do some changes on the fly, as putting in shorted resistors didn’t seem like there was much point, so we moved one side of the resistors, plus the jumpers over to the d and b columns respectively - would be good to get the instructions fixed up for that :slight_smile:

Looking forward to tomorrow!

It worked for us when following the instructions. Not sure what you mean by “shorted resisters”? The e and f columns are not connected to each other. Or was it because e and f are too close to fit the resistor without bending the legs inwards? They certainly do fit more comfortably between f and d. We’ve moved a few of the other connections around to make things fit more comfortably, too.

The circuit has been changed since my reply stargoo :slight_smile: - the resistors were initially between g and i :smiley:

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Have just started with Day 01 - some of the pins don’t seem to connect the same as the guide describes, but I think I have got around that by using the “pinned cables”. Have built the code and sent to the MicroBit module, but I get nothing :frowning:
Lights - yellow USB connection light on MB board / steady red light on MB board (guessing power) / faint flashing red on LED board on POWER. HELP ?

OK - put on my glasses and read the packet numbers correctly :persevere: I was using the wrong LED. All good now

Thanks for the feedback guys! I am glad you are enjoying the tutorials!
We have updated the tutorial to fix a initial problem with the wiring the latest version can be found

I’ve followed the tutorial fine, however the LED is not illuminating, just the smaller status red LED is flashing on and off.

The simulations shows the code turning the two pins on and off. I’ve tested the two circuits with a single LED and it flashes them.

When I place the Bi-LED in backwards, one flash is for the smaller status red LED, the other flash is for both the red and green elements of the 5mm LED.

Could this module be faulty?

Any plans to run an advent calendar this year?

We don’t be making one this year!