Micro:Bit Advent Calendar Day 08 - Temperature Sensor with micro:bit


Need help for the Micro:Bit Advent Calendar Day 08 (Temperature Sensor with micro:bit)? Just post on this thread and our highly trained team of Micro:Bit ninjas will be able to help you in no time!


This one was a bit of a write-off for us, as the kids are using their iPads, so no Arduino IDE available :frowning:


Yes, it’s a shame that there isn’t a DS18B20 extension for Make Code (yet). At least it’s fairly rare that that happens.


Using the Arduino IDE there is a problem with the serial port. The correct board shows but under the prot option in Tools the only option I get is COM3. There is no output in the serial monitor


Hi Jeff,

Were you able to see any options under port when following the guide on how to Set Up the Arduino IDE for micro:bit?