Micro:Bit Advent Calendar Day 22 - 1-Channel Relay with micro:bit


Need help for the Micro:Bit Advent Calendar Day 22 (1-Channel Relay with micro:bit)? Just post on this thread and our highly trained team of Micro:Bit ninjas will be able to help you in no time!


Hi guys. I’m running a bit behind schedule here, so Merry Christmas to all!

This experiment should be one of the easiest, but I’m struggling to get it to work!

The relay doesn’t seem to switch?

I’ve hooked it up as per instructions, although I now have an LED on each of the NC and NO connections. The program seems to working OK: a small LED on the relay board flashes on and off every second.

But the NC output stays closed, and the NO stays open. There is no clicking from the relay.

I even tried driving the relay from 5V, as it’s marked as a 5V relay. No difference.

Thanks - Rob