Microit and L298N Dual Bridge DC Controller

I am attempting to hack a remote control car by using 2 microbits. One to control the movement motor and a direction motor. The other to control the microbit controlling the motors via radio.

I have read quite a few projects and they all wire up the L298N differently, none of them work. Has anyone attempted this?

Are you looking to wire the L298N directly or use a module like these https://www.ebay.com.au/i/153114635502?chn=ps.
Being a 3.3v device you may need a logic level converter.
Personally I would get it working an arduino first then translate the working system to Microbits (only because I have more experience with Arduino and have not played with Microbits at all).

If you are looking at using a L298N module then the wiring is straight forward and feedback protection is incorperated into the module. Here is a good tutorial on L298N and H-Bridge drivers in general.

As you are only sending signal to the L298N module and not recieving signal from it the 3.3v signal level from the MicroBit should suffice.

Hope this helps.

It should be possible to control both speed and direction fwd and reverse of a dc motor with a l298 and a micro:bit
Such as this module :https://www.littlebird.com.au/products/l298-dual-h-bridge-motor-driver

And you could use the servo for steering.

Thus only requiring a single servo

Only problem is I have 20 Microbits for a class, and zero arduinos, and I like the way the Microbits are simple to code up.

I found the original idea here
https://www.open-electronics.org/create-your-robot-with-microbit/ but I wanted to use Python to prevent teaching students yet another language.

I found this as well, tried to just see if I could get the L298N to respond but nothing

Another wiring form

Hi. Did you get it working at all?

We got the car going but had to use the Kitronik Motor Driver Board. However I think we should be able to use the generic board, might be trying that out in the next week.

It is possible that the 3.3v logic is not working with the 5v logic of the motor driver. You could put a logic level shifter between the microbit and the motor driver. Many of the cheap motor driver boards have a 5V regulator onboard so that you only need to supply the motor power and not logic power. You may also be able to use this to supply 5V power to the logic level shifter. I have not tried this but it should work.