Microview Uploading Problem


Hi. A couple of students are using Microviews in their projects.

One I have used before and it accepts programs just fine. However, when another Microview module is used (one fresh from the packet), it won’t accept programs. It shows the error where it has 10 attempts at communicating.

We are using the same programmer, same computer, same program, same USB port. The only thing that changes is the module. We are connecting it the correct way into the programmer too.

Is there a step you have to do when uploading your own program to a Microview the first time?


Generally you shouldn’t need to do anything. Off memory the very first batch out of the kickstarter had some units with the wrong bootloader flashed (can be recovered by re-flashing it). When are the units from ?

If it works fine on the other unit my guess would be that, that unit is one of those that had a bad bootloader on it.


The one that won’t download was purchased about a month ago. I doubt that’s the problem. I’ve sent an email to Littlebird so I’ll see what happens from there.