Motor Driver Issues Dual MAX14870

Hi guys,

I am having problems with the driver for my RPi. Model is the Max14870 hat for RPi.

Steps followed since receiving the product:

  1. Install the ‘hat’ on the RPi as per the product description
  2. Wire up the device
  3. Install the Python library that accompanies the product
  4. Run the ‘’ file on the RPi

Expected Outcome:

As per the example script, both motors should run forward then back.


The motor connected to M1 runs well and as expected, however, the motor connected to M2 runs backwards briefly then changes direction to forward. This is unexpected behaviour and will not work in the buggy we are looking to build.

I have swapped out the motors from M1 to M2 to verify that it is not an issue with the motors.

I have also built my own separate script to verify the findings. Here is a video of this in practice using the script: IMG_2733.MOV - pCloud

Can you please provide some advice on how to tackle this? Looks like on the surface the Motor driver unit supplied is faulty but I am open to other explanations.

Thanks all.

Some photos of the wiring and setup.