Neopixel Ring light


I need help to make the Adafruit 60 LED ring light by combining its 4 parts. Is there anyone who can give a hand to make the circuitry for me so that I can control the lights with an Arduino? I am ready to pay for the task. You can contact me at Thank you.


Do you need assistance with soldering, assembly or coding?


Hi Nick,
Thanks for your mail. I will write the code myself. I need help with making
the circuitry ( soldering, assembling parts).


August 15



They’re a pretty simple job to solder together. Do you have a makerspace nearby? I’m sure someone would be happy to help you out and they’ll have all the equipment right there.

(given your original request would require a physical presence you should probably mention where you are located)


I’m located at Canterbury, Sydney, NSW 2193.


There’s two Sydney makerspaces that Google tells me about; Robots & Dinosaurs in Meadowbank, and Makerspace & Co in Marrickville. I’ve never been to either, but they would certainly have the tools and experience to do what you ask.

If you’ve a disability that makes it difficult to access these places, you might also try the Technical Aid to the Disabled volunteer engineering team. When I was a member of that team we did some fascinating work for people. They are in Northmead at the moment. You might also access this team formally through a physiotherapist.


Many thanks. I’ll check if I can get help from the makerspaces.