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@Kean, let me know if you need any wallabies for testing. :grinning:


I’ve just purchased the design files!


Hi! My name’s Paul, I’m a 3D animator by trade, but I enjoy learning electronics on the side.
My current project actually revolves around connecting my animation software (Maya) to servos through Python serial for animatronic purposes.


Hi, I’m Daniel Drysdale, I live on the NSW Central Coast, I’m a software engineer by trade but studied electronics at UTS & Macquarie back in the 90’s

I’m trying to use electronics to get my boys ( aged 10 & 11 ) interested in computers for things other than Minecraft and Pokemon.

I have a few Arduinos at home and have messed about with them to make Christmas lights, unfortunately work keeps me very busy so I haven’t had a lot of time for tinkering.

Looking forward to see what projects the people in this community are working on.


Hi guys,

I’m Anthony from Melbourne.

I saw a Intel Galileo Gen 2 in action a couple of months back and it brought back the fun of my uni days (Electronic Eng @ RMIT, Melb).

So I’ve decided to start on a Weather Forecasting Coat Rack, with credit to for the idea.

BUT - mine is going to be heaps cooler - with all parts already ordered from Little Bird. Attention Maddy ( :smile: )

The prototype will be a 200x75 x 1.5m red gum sleeper with a Galileo Gen 2 sitting behind, powered by power-over-ethernet, with the optional add-on module. There is a PCIE wifi card, on the back just for fun. The Galileo Gen 2 will drive geared micro servos to run old-school analogue meters for temp, hygrometer and barometer, plus has a Adafruit 2.8" capt touch screen to display additional data and view observations and forcasts (1) inside the house (2) pulled in from BOM and (3) pulled from the external weather vane on the roof via 433Mhz serial RF.

The roof weather vane will be driven from a Arduino Uno R3, runs from solar, transmits data via serial RF from anemometer, wind vane, rain bucket, UV sensor, solar sensor.

So far, I have the Galileo Gen 2 pulling in BOM data, reading local sensors and outputting data to touch screen. Next is to get the weather vane/outdoor hardware working and then mount internal hardware on my piece of timber.

Photos to follow, sorry for the huge post!


I saw - thanks! :smile:


I’m trying to use electronics to get my boys ( aged 10 & 11 ) interested in computers for things other than Minecraft and Pokemon.

You might want to do is make they a custom Minecraft controller or show them Kerbal .


Have you had a play with the MicroPython boards yet?


Hi I’m Ben

I am a purchasing officer at a ICT company in Victoria.
In my spare time i play field hockey and are developing an interest in electronics.

I don’t have any projects at the moment although one day i will be making an electric drum kit with an Arduino and piezo sensors.


Hey everyone!
I’m Greg from Adelaide. I’m studying Electronics engineering, but unfortunately my study has been around 80% theory.

I do alot of hobby stuff at home from designing PCB and soldering tiny SMT package parts, Almost all my designs feature TSSOP or QFN parts, and get reflow soldered at home. to programming embedded mircocontrolelrs (MSP430, AVR, PIC).
Over the last year I’ve built a 3d printer, and bought a CNC mill to make castings of polyurethane prototype parts.

Here is a shot of one of the mold castings I made last week for my next project, a custom made tabletop delta 3d printer. (cnc’d tooling board master mold, cast silicone molds, and final cast polyurethane part)



My name is Ari and here is a brief description of my current work.

My idea is to create a social network of electronic beings. just like you have the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom, and the mushroom kingdom in nature, i imagine a new kingdom, made out of electronic beings, which i call Teleonomes, or “imagined beings”. Teleonomes fail the Turing test the same way a sheep or a dog fails it. Yet we still interact with dogs and sheep, and even though sheep and dogs can not understand human language,they still provide services to us. Sort of the same idea with Teleonomes.

Teleonomes can exchange information similar to the way it happens in nature with Genes in the DNA. As a matter of facts, the way the configuration is stored in the database is aking to a digital version of the dna, which I called a Menome.


Hey all,

Aaron here from Sydney, dabble with making and electronics and CAD as a bit of a hobby, currently building a PCB mill and revised 3D Printer as well as some IoT home automation stuff…

Have 3D printer (home made) as well as 50W laser, currently designing and building PCB mill (in collage below) and revised 3D Printer frame…

Looking forward to seeing what other projects are out there :smile:

currently waiting on some NodeMCU devices and SS relays for a pool automation project :smile:



No, I haven’t, thanks for that!
I guess I know where my 15% discount is going! :wink:


Hi, I’m a software guy looking to get into making CNC based equipment like 3d printers, laser engravers and cutters. Any pointers / tips to tutorials, kits and similar resources would be greatly appreciated.

I did a RaspberryPi course with Marcus earlier in the year which was fantastic… now I just need to learn the electronics side.

Cheers, Ray


Hi there,

I’m Mitch. I’m a software developer living in Melbourne. I’m really a novice when it comes to electronics, and instead focus more on backend cloud computing components for various projects whether they be web, mobile or IoT.

At the moment I’m playing with 3D printing and looking forward to how I’ll be able to build custom enclosures for various electronics projects.


Hi All!

Craige here from Melbourne. I started playing around with an Arduino a little while ago and then got into 3d printing. Bought a Rostock Max V2 as a kit and put it together which has been a blast. Working on a few projects but never enough time to do everything. I have 2 young kids (3 and 2) which takes most of my spare time.

Project in progress include

  • Simple Simon led game (the one where it plays a sequence and you need to copy it). Got it working with an ATTiny85 but want to rebuild it and print a 3D case.

  • RC car using an Arduino controller with a Joystick over Bluetooth - Got this working but had some trouble with running both motors and Arduino off the same batteries. Still not resolved :smile:

  • Want to build a RC hovercraft. Project is just an idea at the moment although I have done some research. Very happy to see someone else has the same idea (Darryl).

  • Current focus is on a 3D LED ball. Have some ideas and hopefully will get to play around with them this next weekend. This was after seeing this awesome video (

I am a novice but always happy to share any learning. Look forward to seeing what everyone else is up to.


How have you found the 50w laser? Is that just a unit from china? I recently bought the ultra affordable Chinese 40W unit, it’s working great for cutting and engraving.



I’m Gareth, teaching in the NT. My class play around with Arduinos.

My favourite project has been using a standalone ESP with a DS18B20 temperature sensor to remotely monitor room temps (using ThingSpeak for data).
I’m looking forward to mid-October when the new ESP8266 will be available…


Impressive mate, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a mill. What did you end up going with?


What sort of materials/thickness can you cut with a 40W laser? Any details on your build?