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Hi. I’m Alastair. Last project was to use an Arduino to convert CBUS serial commands to http so that a raspberry pi could then run the house lights, ceiling fans and towel rails. End result is that stuff turns on&off according to who is around (using PIRs in to another arduino) and the time of day.
Complete overkill compared to a humble light switch but soo much fun :smile:


Hi everyone, Suvi here.

I’m a Web Applications Developer from Melbourne. Currently freelancing so there’s plenty of time for me to tinker. I studied Electronics Engineering back in the day, but have only come back to it recently after buying my first Arduino several years back.

My current project is a web enabled RFID door lock. The door lock part is quite generic, but I was not able to find any resources online for the actual management of the cards access (user/date/time) so I wrote my own API using Laravel 3, Apache2 and PostgreSQL. I’ve managed to use found/reclaimed parts where possible including the access cards themselves… bet you never thought of reusing your MyKi card… (in fact I saved and scanned every RFID chip/card/sticker I was able to get hold of).

I’m hoping to eventually release this back to the open source community…



I’m Greg from Brisbane. IT tech by trade but always keen to stuff about on some electronics or mechanics. Current project I’m working on is to automate my 6 foot freshwater fishtank. It has a DIY LED lighting system with 5 colour channels capable of dimming. The brains is an Arduino mega. So far it just a real time clock controlling daylight functions and kicking in a fan system when the lights get too hot. I’m trying to add on a touchscreen display, 433MHz control for a 4 port remote power board, water temperature and level sensors, pH monitoring if I can find a good sensor kit (hint hint) and then data logging back to a central Network Attached Storage.

Another project I’ve had on the go for a long time but am stalled with is building a life-size moving Portal turret (from the computer game Portal). I have a wooden frame driven by servo motors with a raspberry pi brain but I’m falling down at the programming. Attempting DIY vacuum forming a HIPS plastic shell has also been interesting.

The posts in this thread so far show some awesome work going its good to know.



Russell Munro from Perth Australia. I’m a software developer that likes to design and build whatever comes to mind. Fair to say I would have worked in the Mechatronic industry in another life. My most recent project was a transforming birthday cake for my sons 6th birthdays. My next project is to build V2 of the cake stand so other kids (and adults) can have one for their next birthday.


Luke from the Latrobe Valley in Victoria. I have only just started with Arduino and have only played around with a Beginner Kit from Little Bird.

I will be making a project at work using an Arduino soon, but I’m not entirely sure what it is going to be yet.

I’m interested in trying out some robot kits and experimenting with GPS and wireless boards, and will be buying some of these parts soon.


I am Baz in Sydney.

I design and make specialised products designed for the broadcast television market. (I am actually a video editor by trade)

Below is a new product I am prototyping to sell overseas. It uses a specialised case made on my 3D printer including all the internal mounting etc. It uses an Arduino Mega and communicates over network IP.
The picture is of the inside with its bum removed.

Recently I designed an Arduino interface for live to air broadcasting. I have now sold over 150 of those units world wide.



Hi I’m Pete from Brisbane. I’ve been a bit of a lurker in maker and hardware hacker forums for quite a long time, although I don’t post I have been working on quite a few projects my current one is a 3 axis CNC with interchangeable head with 3d printer, laser cutter and router attachments, one day I hope to release plans and software open source ( when I actually get it right).


Hey there, I’m Sunny and I’m currently working with a team of electronics majors in developing a smart-watch system for monitoring sleep. We’re currently using arduinos to achieve this but the end-goal is to learn about implementing this system for production-level manufacturing. I’ve signed up because I’d like to see what others are doing and hopefully learn from other experiences and share my many, many mistakes, ha ha.


A man after my own heart. I never pass up a chance to use my Imps to build NeoPixel projects. You need to get some stock of the LED tails :smile:



Hi my name is Steve and I enjoy building/designing electronic projects to ‘solve’ a problem around the house. I am currently building an automated dog feeder using Arduino friendly components.


Hey all,

My name is Aron, I am from Melbourne. I consult to Electric Imp and Buzz Products and am working on my next IoT startup. I am a software engineer and work mostly in Squirrel and node.js these days. I recently finished a series of SPI Flash classes including a fully functional file system and am always doing something fun with Imps like driving NeoPixels, chatting with Amazon Echo (Alexa), or making Budweiser Red Lights go off around the globe.

I would have put YouTube links but I wasn’t allowed more than two links.


Hi All,

I’m Adam. I’m a IT SysAdmin that likes to tinker with joining the real and virtual worlds together. I have grander ideas then current skills (on both the hardware and software sides) but love to tinker and see what I can put together.


Hello all.

I’m J. from Townsville NQ. Budding DIY enthusiast, and passionate techhead. Build drag/race cars for a crust, but my real passion is for anything techy.

Strange as it sounds. My new found love for all things Arduino all began when I decided to rid myself of MS windows.

Windows (Windows 8 in particular) had been the bane of my existence for several months. My Uncle (A Computer Scientist) told me to man up and install Linux. So I installed Ubuntu (Yes, cheating I know lol). First on my desktop, then my laptop, then the missus laptop, much to her initial horror (though now she loves it) and its the best thing I ever did.

I find windows 7/8/10 abhorrent! My hatred for them burns with the heat of a thousand suns!! In Linux I found not only an amazing, free and open alternative to microcud’s plagueware, but also a window into the exciting world of coding. This in turn led me to Arduino/Rasberry Pi, and finally the ‘Maker’ community.

Current projects include.

Lego scale replica of a Cat D11T Dozer. A joint project with my 3yr old son, who found an old box of my Technic Lego, and now spend every waking hr making little creations. Currently prototyping a Tamiya dual motor gearbox with a Pololu Motor Controller and Arduino Uno, with a basic tracked Lego base. Final model will have a custom build Arduino clone, embedded in the dozer. And another Arduino embedded in the Control Panel (also build from Lego).

A more practical ongoing project, is customised Dash/Instrument Clusters for some of our (well my Bosses really) customers race/road cars. Many times, switching a modern vehicle over to a stand alone EMS (engine management system) leaves many of the factory dash/climate control functions inoperable. I am currently prototyping solutions to resolve these incomparability issues. The biggest hurdle at this stage is the getting my head around the CAN BUS communications used my most modern vehicles. Early days yet. Still heaps to learn.

Big thumb up for all the great posts, and its awesome to see so many interesting and creative people out there.

Kudos to you all.


That my friend, is made of pure WIN!! The look on your sons face…


Is n1ght3y3s is reference to the wolf in Robin Hobbs novels?


G’day everyone. I’m a Newcastle University student of Mechatronics.
My current project is modelling and building a 2-wheel free-standing robot complete with current feedback for the motors, 6DOF IMU and handling an unlevel surface.
Just coming up on the assembly stage so hopefully some photos to follow!


Hi, I’m Richard from Melbourne and I teach Science and IT. Trying to come up with some ideas I can incorporate at school but I have already set up a weather station using Arduino which posts data to Xively. Will finish that off when I get some more time.

This is the early version, it now receives data from a weather station transmitter on the roof via RF.

More details on my blog here:


Hi all,

My name is Matt and I am a librarian in the Redlands, just outside of Brisbane. I am a total newbie at electronics, but love learning new things. My cohorts and I have been fumbling along with robotics and coding clubs for local students over the last year with Arduino’s and Scratch. It has been lots of fun! Littlebird has been great at supplying the gear. We’ll be using mBlock and some Sparkfun RedBoards to have some fun making sumo bots next term.

A friend and I are currently enrolled in this course from edX and learning a bunch.

Looking forward to reading all the posts!


Hi, I’m Sean.

I’ve been tinkering with Arduino and Raspberry Pi for a couple of years at home and have now started doing some embedded stuff at work.

My current project is an irrigation control system using an EtherTen with a relay shield, plus a Raspberry Pi as MQTT broker and web server.

Looking forward to sharing and collaborating with like minded enthusiasts.


Yes it is. Its amazing how many people you run into who know that reference.