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Awesome series of books. I revisit them every couple of years. While I do like Robyn’s newer stuff, I prefer her earlier writing style.

Nice to meet a fellow fan :slight_smile:


Hi All
Greetings from Jan Jozef, an amateur radio operator from Brisbane (ham call VK4EBP). My favourite product here is the Logomatic 8-channel data logger that I am using for monitoring Extra-Low-Frequency (ELF, below 300Hz) currents flowing in the ground. I use a pair of metal electrodes driven into the earth as an “antenna” - it is quite surprising what’s can be seen down there! Telluric currents resulting from solar flares, and lots of “fingerprint” signals of varying frequencies generated by domestic and industrial appliances, and some really unexplained activity. Best observed in frequency domain using a slow-scrolling spectrogram display.


Hi everyone,
I’m an art and design student majoring in objects and textiles. I’m really interested in incorporating digital elements into my work. Currently I’m experimenting with data projection onto, hopefully a moving textiles installation piece, using Arduino and motors.


Hi All,

We are Team ACW, a team of three grade 10 students from Brisbane Boys’ College. We currently compete in the Robocup Junior Competition in the Open Soccer League, with the National’s being held over in Adelaide next weekend! A month or two ago we managed to place a solid 4th place in the Queensland comp after having a few technical difficulties in the semi finals.

Our robot’s this year use an Arduino Due as the microcontroller, and a vast array of sensors to track the ball and our robots position on the field.

Go check out our website:
We are always on the lookout for sponsors :wink:




My name is Ron, located in Brisbane.

My interest is in the test equipment / DDS area. Although not a designer/developer, I have an interest in most things electronic, particularly amateur (ham) radio.
I am impressed with the capacitance meter kit by Little Electronics, easy assembly and very accurate.

There are some very interesting projects being put forward on the forum, keep up the good work.



@tserong that book scanner is amazing!


Hi I’m Chris from Sydney. I’m currently working on a type of Engineer’s tricorder that will control power routing, log all recorded data, and monitor/manage systems autonomously. All system settings will be changeable through an inbuilt interface, using only 3 pins for interface input / output total. The first planned use will monitor PH, water levels, air and water temp, battery bank etc and control an aquaponics system based on those readings.

I’m doing some prototyping of new aquaponics/hydroponics growbed designs for sustainability reasons and I need good data to measure how effective a new design is. Littlebird has everything I needed to get started, and hopefully I’ll make it into a legit tricorder when I get a 3d printer and some more hardware experience, I’ve only done software before this :wink:


Hi everyone, I’m David. I started using a Uno to get into embedded electronics, I then moved to using pro-minis and now I’m designing custom boards through Eagle. It’s been a fun learning curve. I mainly focus on home automation stuff. My on-going project is to design a small internet-connected scoreboard which automatically updates with scores from the web… very much like the one that VB were giving away as a prize a few summers back.



I’m Pete a PhD Student and tutor at the University of Queensland. My PhD is in the Internet of Things field, looking at some of the more human issues arising from IoT tech. I tutor into a number of courses in the field of Interaction Design. The courses include Physical Computing where students come up with new ideas for non-traditional interaction with computer systems, Design Computing Studio 3 which recently has started including some physical computing and IoT projects, and Digital Prototyping which introduces students to the MakeyMakey and then Arduino.

Great to have an Australian forum like this!



Hi everyone,

I just got into the Arduino scene with the intent to develop some better understanding of the IoT. My first project was to combine a few tutorials into a digital thermometer! Pretty simple but fun to build :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I’ll get to do more in the design/business/IoT space.


Thanks :smile: yeah it was a pretty awesome moment


Tonight I am going to purchase a beginner kit and some sensors and work towards building a project of my own. First I have to decide which idea I’ll tackle first with so many sensors it’s a tough choice .
Good to see a (nearly) local supplier is an option.




David from Brisbane, I generally do stuff with LEDs and Arduinos.
Here is a retrofitted projector with a 14W LED and cooling fans butchered from an old PC with a rotating oil projection wheel. Arduino controls the wheel rotation speed and monitors fan speed.

Cannot upload a video , but you get the idea



That is awesome! This project is going on the list!


Hi, I’m Joe, I live in Sydney (but hail from country NW NSW originally). I’m an electronics design engineer, which in my case means writing a lot of firmware (C/C++, and a tiny bit of Verilog) and a fair bit of software to talk to said firmware (C/C++, C#, VB.NET (shudder)).

I come to Little Bird for my own projects which I like to do to maintain what I call “broad design” skills as these often get neglected in a professional setting which, from what I’ve read so far on this thread, others of you can relate to. These projects and other ramblings can be found on my blog at The blog is pretty new as I’ve only gotten focused on documenting and promoting my own projects recently.

Always looking to collaborate, especially arts/fashion/music related projects. In a former life I was a serious muso :smile:.

Kudos to Little Bird for the community and building a great business over the years. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch your website grow!


Hi everyone
Really pleased to join this community; would love to collaborate
if anyone is ever interested. I am based in Coffs Harbour: are there any other members nearby?

I have a very mixed background including Science, IT, design
and media, see I am usually
found somewhere that IT and creativity intersect.

Last year I did an artist-in-residence where I
taught myself to use Arduinos: thrilling! I made an embedded, interactive, crystal/LED
brooch using a Lilypad (pictured). I feel strongly that Arduino-based
activities provide an alternative pathway to an interest in coding and STEM
skills and would like to do more work with this in schools.

At the moment, I am trying to learn as much as I can so that
when inspiration strikes I have the skills I need. I am thinking of creating
something interactive for the re-staging of an art exhibition called On Medication. Other projects involve testing sensors, various kinds of motors, creating interactive animations using
8 x 8 LED displays, fabric-based experiments, etc. The typical chaos of my
workbench (oops, kitchen table) gives an indication. Note the Little Bird
sticker on the drawers at top left–it’s a beautiful logo, isn’t it.


Hi All,

I have a 9 year old that is showing huge interest in Programming and Electronics. His birthday is just around the corner and I am eager to encourage this with an appropriate Birthday present. I am leading towards the Raspberry PI as it appears to have some great kid friendly resources that are easy to follow in that community. It also appears that there are some python projects that allow him to grab some Minecraft Sourcecode and add his own features into it.

Am I on the right track with the Raspberry Pi for someone of his age, or is there another system that I should have a look at?


Hello World,

WOW, there are a lot of interesting projects out there.

My name is Dave, I am a product designer based out of Brisbane with way too many hobbies. I have only just recently started tinkering with software and hardware.

I have several projects I’d like to start but am currently working on a small train layout (N Scale) as a Christmas display. It is a relatively simple project, making it a good place for me to start. I am using an Arduino to allow control of a fancy light show integrated into the display. If you’re interested, see more here:

Here’s what it does:

A blinking x-mas tree effect with selectable functions,

Some gas / candle light effects for lamps,

and a colour changing RGB light in a church, which runs either automagically or manually using 3 pots for user selectable colour fun.

Hardware has just been upgraded from a spaghetti mess on breadboards to a couple shields. However, ultimately I will make a custom PCB to fit better into the display base with an inbuilt Arduino.

It is in early stages, and probably won’t be ready for this Christmas, but hopefully for the next one. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Dave. After more than 50 years in electronics, I’m a new-comer to the Arduino/Raspberry Pi world. Currently working on a set-up to remote the output from a sound level meter 200m from a field location to a control area, to display peak noise values from passing race cars. Not an easy task for old head, so will be looking for some network type help in the future. Really nice to find a local forum - thanks, guys.


One of the smart things raspberry pi has done is give their online lessons context within the British school syllabus.
You can see here that they mention KS2. This is for kids between ages 7 to 11. So lessons that apply to KS2 would be easily managed by your kid!
If only Australian schools used raspberry pi’s in the classroom…