PCB repair help needed


I have a PCB from a middle-aged Merc that needs 2 relays replaced (soldered).
These relays control the electric windows - the driver’s side window now longer does its up/down thing.
I have the new relays but am struggling to find ANYONE in the upper north shore who is capable/is prepared to do the repair. (I’m in Hornsby).
Can anyone suggest someone who is capable of this? My preference is nearby of course.



Not sure if you’re still looking for someone to help here. I don’t specialise in automotive equipment, but I do a lot of industrial and scientific related electronics. I’m based in Mount Kuring-Gai industrial area. Check my website at kean.com.au


Hi Kean, thanks for the response.
Yes, I’m still looking for someone who is prepared to do repair work on a PCB – it seems to be a dying skill.
That it its automotive shouldn’t matter; it’s just a middle-aged PCB that needs a couple of relays replaced. That is waay beyond my skill and equipment level.
Attached are a couple of photos for you to look at – maybe it could help you judge whether it had potential for you.
I’m about to head overseas for the week, so probably the earliest I could get it to you is next week.