Pi 4 mouse and keyboard problem

Hi all
just started to set up a pi 4 last night from the little bird kit.
all went well until we set up the wifi password and pressed enter.
just after that the screen went blank.
we waited then after some time we switched the power off and then back on
we then had the set up page on the screen but the mouse and keyboard
won’t work.
we tried other mouses and keyboards but no luck
the mouse curser is just stuck on the screen
can anyone help please ?
thank you

Have you plugged in the dongle?

I thought the keyboard and mouse were both bluetooth, and didnt see that there was a dongle IN the kayboard battery compartment

I am trying to set up my first Pi using Little Bird kit. It comes with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. How can I get these working so I can set up the raspberry pi? I have booted the device and plugged mouse dongle in. Can use wired mouse to navigate but I do not have a wired keyboard so am not yet able to complete setup let alone use this thing!