Pi 4 + PoE hat no boot

I have a a couple of new Pi 4 2GB models with accompanying PoE hats. On connection/power on they just sit there on the rainbow screen - which if it’s like the other Pi’s i have, means low current. The SD in it is a new 32GB with a NOOBS install.

I have tried this across a few different PoE switches with the same outcome and it is the same across both PoE hats and Pi’s which are fresh from little bird - they all report the correct PoE class (3) to the switch and the voltage is there at 50-52v but i’m only seeing 80-100mAH current on them through the whole process, which is around 4-4.5watts - seems a little low for this.

Has anyone had this issue or managed to get a Pi4 online with the official PoE hat, these just dont seem to be drawing enough current?

I just caught up w/ Raspberry Pi in Cambridge last week and this (Pi4 + PoE Hat) came up as a topic of conversation.

I was told that the current generation PoE Hat that provides 2.5 Amps should be ok for the Pi 4 (depending on what else you’re hanging off the Pi).

We have no word on an update.

You might want to home brew your own solution if you need more current.

Hmmm the problem i have here is that this is just the hat + pi with a HDMI on it + USB for KB + Mouse, no additional boards. Even cutting it back to just the HDMI without USB shows the same draw, it seems like it’s just simply not drawing the right amount?