PiFi Dac+ v2.0 and Volumio

Hi everyone,

New to the forum…

I just purchased the PiFi DAC+ and a RasPi4 and have set it up with Volumio…

Everything went OK, I can mount my NAS, webradio works…I can get audio via the RasPi headphone socket but nothing from the PiFi DAC+ RCA outputs… I’ve tried the HiBerry Dac+ drivers in Volumio and I get a green LED on the HAT but no output…

Any ideas or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.



Problem solved…

The PiFi DAC+ seems to be incompatible with the RasPi 4 and volumio, maybe Little Bird should update their web page as it’s very misleading…and they were not prepared to return the item unless it had a hardware fault…buyer beware !

It works with a RasPi 3

Hey Paul,

Thanks for your update.

A google search on the HIFI DAC expansion board product shows a reviewer stating that it works with Pi 4 too:

Perhaps there is a different set of steps required as this is an older product that was released before the Pi 4. The listing does also mention that it works with Pi 2 & 3.