Purchase Advice to monitor room temperature with notifications/alarms

Hi there,

I am not sure what exact hardware I need for my project especially since there are so many variants of boards out there.

I would like to monitor the temperature of my room and configure an alarm(s) if it reaches certain temperatures. The alarm would be send via email and the arduino would be plugged in via network cable.
I might want to program a quick HTML page which will display the live temperature readings from the arduino.

obviously I will need a temperature (and humidity) sensor and an arduino (what model?) do I also need a raspberry pi for it or can it only be done with arduino alone?
Can somebody direct me into which components I would need?


The Arduino will do the task just fine… as there isn’t any compute-heavy task it will undertake…
Be sure to have either a wifi/ethernet shield or get an Arduino with network capabilities built-in…

The standard Arduino UNO with any ethernet shield of your choice will do the job or you can get something like the Arduino UNO WiFi R2.

The DHT-11 or DHT-22 will work great as the temperature and humidity sensor and there are many different modules you can purchase which include these sensors.

No need for a pi.