Raspberry PI 4 - Unable to connect to a TV / Monitor with HDMI - Micro HDMI cable

Raspberry PI 4 - Unable to connect to a TV / Monitor with HDMI - Micro HDMI cable
Bought a new Raspberry PI 4 & purchased the raspberry PI official power supply from Little Bird.
Tried connecting the Raspberry PI 4 with a HDMI - Micro HDMI cable on 2 TVs and a monitor = unsuccessful, called Daniel @ Littlebird…he suggested this forum page

Is the SD card inserted?



Same issue - 2 brand new Rpi4 - cant get an output on any of the available HDMI devices i have inc those that currently run Rpi3. SD card is inserted, official PSU - basic Little Bird Kit. :confused:

I figured it out. Whatever operating system is flashed on your SD card.

  1. Go into the folder structure
  2. Find config.txt file
  3. Edit #HDMI_safe=1 by removing the hashtag, save file so it will look like this HDMI_SAFE=1
  4. Reboot and magic happens.

By the way Marcus, you never suggested this, are you technical or are you just good at trouble shooting questions?

I’ll give this a crack as soon as I can download an image and reflash the supplied SD card!

Just use raspian - https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/
But, anytime you re-flash the SD card or format your SD, you’ll need to un-comment the #hdmi_safe=1 to hdmi_safe=1

the download times are currently horrendous!

ok - got an image from a friend - flashed that and BOOM we have picture even without uncommenting HDMI_SAFE.

The issue must be with the image on the supplied NOOBS SDcard - something you might need to look into Marcus & Daniel?