Raspberry Pi not working

Order No: 148180

Hi there,

I have ordered 3 raspberry pi 4 on 17 October, 2019. I have installed raspbian buster. Out of these three raspberry pis, 2 of them are working correctly. However, one of them is defective and I cannot get this boot.

I have tried the same sd card for all of these raspberry pis and two of them boot perfectly.However, one of them doesn’t boot at all. I think this one is broken.

Can you please do necessary so that I can get it replaced.

Thank you.

Can I please have an update on this issue. It has been pending for a long time.

Hi Sabeen,

If you think the Pi is faulty, please contact us at team@littlebirdelectronics.com and we can help troubleshoot and arrange any nessacery changes.