Raspbery PI and Tilt Hydrometer Brewing Beer

I have a Tilt Hydrometer . This sits in a fermentation vessel and send gravity and temperature of the beer to a Raspberry PI Zero W. I have this hooked up to a hdmii monitor and this works very well The tilt works by Bluetooth BLE to the PI. Pi than to the Monitor
My problem is the reception is limited because I brew in a SS fermenter and fridge.
What I need is a bluetooth repeater and I was told that a Bluetooth adaptor in a usb extension cord sitting in the fridge would work. Not So (Cannot put the PI in the fridge) No Puns thks ha ha. This is the link for the software on the PI. I am using the the pre built disk image with the HDMI port

Hoping some one can help. I also tried making repeater out of the ESP32 no luck their either.,

Hi Ned,

Have you tried to use the Tilt Repeater?

According to the Tilt Hydrometer FAQs:

You will have reduced Bluetooth range and will need to place your smartphone/tablet closer to your fermenter to receive data. You can also purchase a Tilt repeater specifically designed for stainless steel to extend range.

On the product page, it mentions placing the tilt repeater in the refrigerator, but doesn’t seem to say anything about placing the Raspberry Pi in as well:

The repeater can be placed inside a refrigerator along with a keg or fermenter to push the signal out to phones, tablets, and Raspberry Pi logging solutions


Hi Cherie,

What I did not explain in regard to what I am doing, is that I am using two fridges for brewing, so the PI sits so it receives one and its a thinner SS fermenter and fridge is not as insulated. So I need a repeater for the other fridge.

I don’t have a tilt repeater (that is what I am trying to replicate) They are manufactured by Tilt but they are over $100 Aud.

I am not use a smartphone, but a raspberry Pi. which does a continues monitor and also a WIFI log report.

I am trying to use the ESP32 as a tilt repeater

I tried using the yur Bluetooth dongle as a repeater.

Brewers say they have done this, but not giving all the specific details. This guy with ESP32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_EpFoi8zaE