RPI 3B+ not booting

whenever i try power on with a flashed micro SD card, only the red light turns on and theres no hdmi output
I’ve tried multiple different sd card, brand new ones, tried different operating systems and nothing seems to work. every time its only the red light turning on with no display output.

I do not think it is a problem with the sd card flash or power supply (5v 2.5a), as they both work with my other rpi, the only variable seems to be the rpi

Hey there,

Could you please provide us with:

  • The Exact OS Version
  • A photo of the microSD Card
  • Firmware Release Version
  • Photos of your Raspberry Pi plugged in (top and bottom), or even better a video of your Pi (showing the LEDs)
  • Picture of the Power Supply you’re using (the ratings sticker)

Alternatively complete the Raspberry Pi Repair form and return it to us here.