Rpi4 4gb stopped working

Thanks for the email. Your service and postage turn around around was great, so thank you. For the product however. I can’t not say the same thing. This model appears to be faulty. Your advice would be appreciated.

I’ve tried setting it up in the days since it’s arrived. It was set and running with some of the software and services I wanted on it. It was running good until I went out for a few hours only to come home to find it locked up. Ok Might have overheated so put on the heatsinks and still not in the case, running for another day then went work and come home find it locked up again. this time there was no hdmi output signal. Still no video out, redlight on solid, green flashes but no other signs of life, not able to ping it either. Redone and tried different sd cards but no good.

Followed the recommended tips here around config files but still no good. Also including multiple sd cards, reformatting them, redoing new images, different distros, different HDMI ports on pi and tv/amp Take out sd card and green light blinks 4 times and repeats. Please advise if this is dead and needs replacement.

I can’t definitively provide you with the cause at this stage, feel free to complete the Raspberry Pi Repair form and return it to us here.