Sim7000 sim card compatibility

Hi, I am testing simcom modules to connect to the internet (and gps) with a RPi (to log data and send it to a remote server). I have it working with a simcom5320 but the data transfers are pretty slow.

I’m checking LTE compatible modules to get more bandwidth and can see that the sim7000 is compatible with LTE Cat-M1 and NB IoT. Will this require a special sim card or would a regular LTE sim card work? (providing the bands match with the carrier’s)

My understanding of the tech was that:

  • The SIMs were the same
  • The IOT focused design prioritises battery life and not speed. As such you only get a max of around 375 kb/s.



Hi Marcus, I’m also testing the 7600 which should be full speed 4g.

I did see that limitation (375kbps), but thats a lot more than I’m getting from the 5320 on 3g.