St-link v2 problem

This is a fairly well documented problem with the St Link V2, but still I cant find any solution - maybe you have some idea?

Using windows 10. Updating firmware on LoRaWAN nodes.

I have installed ST-LINK driver first and then installed ST-LINK Utility.

But when connecting I get error message "st-link old firmware / firmware used before "

I cant get past this stage.

If you have any ideas please let me know,



Hi Nick,

So that we can narrow down the problem, could you please include any screenshots of the error you are describing?

What happens if you:

  • Re-install the ST-LINK driver and ST-LINK Utility
  • Used with a different machine
  • Used a different ST Link V2 if possible, with the same firmware and machine

Doing a search, I was able to find a thread on the issue you are describing:

There was mention of : “Ended up being a failed 22R resistor within the ST-LINK/V2 that goes to the header. I did a track cut to bypass the faulty resistor part (as it is a multi resistor device) and linked in a new through hole 22R resistor and all is good again.”

Also, “1) Make sure you have the latest drivers for the ST-link installed on your computer 2) Make sure your target device has separate power (don’t rely on the ST-link itself to provide power all on its own to your uC circuit) 3) Check the state of the Boot pins on your target device (Boot0 and Boot1). Pulling them in different combinations of high/low will force the device into different modes, which can (will) affect communication with the ST-link. 4) Some devices don’t have pull-up/down resistors on certain Boot pins (or Reset pin), which can cause issues related to the point above.”