SupaBoy --> Raspberry Pi questions


Thats the youtube video for the entire breakdown of a Supaboy. My question is. to reduce the amounts of parts needed, (Because i’m an absolute NOOB at this), is there any way i can just put some of these parts and cables onto the raspberry pi GPIO cables? or connect it in such a way that i dont need anything extra?

I have no idea what i’m doing, so if i can do LESS Soldering, the better. i asked a similar question in another topic, but no one answered it… Now i’m getting a little adventerous.


G’day; saw your question here and earlier.

Yes, it should be possible to replace some of the printed circuit board and soldering of wires with pin and socket jumper wires, but it will be very difficult to source the components, and the connections will become unreliable when movement occurs. You can reduce some of the movement of contacts with Kapton or polyimide tape,

but if your disability prevents you soldering with your hands, then applying tape may be also difficult. A small tube of silicone sealant may be used instead, but is more dangerous.

Since your requirements are so divergent, I think your best bet will be to not plan it all out in advance, but rather to take several attempts at it, with different components, until it all comes together. It is inevitable that such a strategy will not be lowest possible cost though.


Thank you for responding to my post. it is immensely appreciated.

I plan to create a section where i can place this down, and glue it to the plastic inside of this supaboy. the glue will have to be non conductive of course, i dont want to fry anything.