Using BMP280 sensor with Arduino

Hello. Can any suggest a library to use with the Littlebird BMP280 sensor?

I would start with which refers to

It returns an error - can’t detect the sensors.

Please show me your wiring from the Arduino to the sensor module? Include a photograph of the Arduino. Thanks.

Wiring is for connecting via I2C interface (SCK pin to A5, SDI to A4)

Thanks. Black wire should go to GND on Arduino Uno. Red wire should go to 3.3V on Arduino Uno. Other wires look fine. If it were on my bench, I’d look for the SDA and SCL activity using an oscilloscope and to check the pullups are working. Otherwise I’ve no idea why it isn’t working, sorry.

I’ve just got it working using the SPI Logic pins. Just need to adjust the altitude calculation now.