Welcome to the Little Bird Community!

Welcome to the Little Bird community forums.

What is this forum about?

This forum is for Australian makers and educators who are interested in design and engineering-oriented pursuits such as interactive artwork, electronics, robotics, programming and much more!

That means that you can come here and talk about your projects, and ask questions about maker hardware.

Before Creating New Help Topics, Please…

Please search before opening a new topic, as someone might have already created the topic you want to open. Note that our forum software will automagically look for previously made topics as you create a topic.

When creating a topic, be sure to select the correct category so it is easier to find. It is OK to leave category blank if none feel applicable.

To make assisting you easier, use a very descriptive in your topic, and give it an accurate title. Be sure to include the part numbers (also known as SKUs) on littlebirdelectronics.com .