Zip Halo Battery


Have some Zip Halos.
Just wondering what battery would be best to power them for attaching to a shirt and just spin the lights around.

Thanks in advance.

It depends on your programming, and how long you need it to run once you turn it on.

The way you figure it out is to write the program, run it with a power meter, then do some calculations. If you don’t have a power meter, you can estimate using a current meter and a 5V USB power supply.

Once you know how many watts or milliamps it consumes, you can estimate how long a specific capacity of battery will run it for.

As an example, if it draws 150 mA at 5V, then a 150 mAh lithium-polymer battery at a nominal 3.8V will run it for about half an hour.

Pretty much all of the lithium-polymer batteries with JST connectors sold by Little Bird ought to work.

You also have to figure out where to put the battery, and how to keep it safe from any sharp objects, to avoid fire.