Battery Pack for Pi 4


I would like to purchase a battery pack for my Pi 4 that I use to program retro-like games on. I connect to a display via a wireless network connection. Will the [battery pack on the RPi site] suffice for a good 3-4 hours of remote programming or should I aim for something more heavy duty? I suspect the latter will be the case for me. If so, any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

Hi Zig,

Just to clarify, will you be using Retropie to play retro games on the Pi 4? Which display monitor will you be using? It sounds like you’re building a portable project that is to be powered via LiPo battery/powerbank. You may want to take into account the power requirements for the display.

You can view the power supply requirements for all the Raspberry Pi models here:

According to the link above, the Raspberry Pi 4 requires 600mA at Typical bare-board active current consumption and 3.0A for Recommended PSU current capacity.

You may also be interested in checking out the Game HAT which runs on a 18650 lithium battery: