Help with light up costumes


I’m a costume designer based in Sydney. I’m looking for someone to assist in a practical way with costumes that need to light up for a kids film that’s just about to start preproduction. This set of dance costumes is one set of many required - so I’m not going to have the time to experiment or create the circuits that will be required. The costumes may need to be ready as early as the 16th of April - I will take care of the ‘traditional’ part of the making of the costumes.

Please respond if you have extensive experience with wearables and are interested in the (paid) gig.


How did you go finding someone to help on your costumes?


Unfortunately, lots of leads but no one who has put up their hand to say - yes, I’ve done this before and I’m happy to help.

We can pay - not Hollywood rates as it’s an independent kid’s film - I know I could put a special effects company onto it, but I just cant afford to go that way.