I2C cable for super:bit and micro:bit OLED


I have a Micro:Bit and a Super:Bit board. I also have a small 128x64 OLED screen which has 4 pins for the I2C ports (aka IIC). On the Super:Bit the I2C ports need a specific cable but Im having trouble locating a cable with that end. A picture of the end is at https://github.com/YahboomTechnology/Superbit-expansion-board/blob/master/Introduction%20of%20Superbit%20expansion%20board%20.pdf (top left of first photo), and I think it is the item at https://www.littlebird.com.au/products/gravity-4pin-iic-i2c-uart-sensor-cable-10pcs but cannot confirm this is right. Can anyone please let me know what cable to purchase, and I only want 2, are there other links I should buy from?

It is smaller than 4x female pins side by side.