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Hi quozi,

Your comments are pretty much spot on with other advice. Thanks. Can you point me at some Arduino code that talks to the Radiometrix. I will share back any insights I might come up with…



G’day Ron,

Sorry if you had trouble findng it; the library is VirtualWire not Virtual Wire.

The VirtualWire library still works fine for me, and though the author does not intend any further changes there may be changes released by others using GitHub.

I’ve not published my own programs that use VirtualWire, because they are security related, application specific, and don’t do anything unusual; they lack notability. There are plenty of example projects published by others using Arduino and radio modules. The VirtualWire documentation should be followed; and I can’t be specific because there are so many different Radiometrix modules, but the pin mapping is straightforward. There are plenty of example projects published by others using Arduino and radio modules.

Here are two schematic diagrams. Hope you can read them.

An Arduino Pro Mini hooked up to a Radiometrix TX1 module. Note the two signals; the enable pin for the transmitter, and the data stream. Note the resistor as specified in the Radiometrix datasheet for level shift to 3V inside the module.

An Arduino Uno on test bench hooked up to a Radiometrix BIM1 module. Note the two enable pins. Note the receive and transmit paths for the data stream. Note the received signal strength indicator can be sampled by the Arduino.


Thanks quozi for the schematics. I understand the hardware connection now, and will check out VirtualWire library. Thanks for going to such trouble.

Peter (ron)


Thanks quozi. I have looked at VirtualWire and it looks good. I will probably bite the bullet and get a pair of BiM1 to proceed.



Hi … I’m Filia. I am a Teacher-Librarian in a primary school looking to create the ultimate MakerSpace in my library. I am a novice when it comes to electronics and robotics but I do have a passion for 21st century learning and want to create a space where my students can design and build projects using a variety of tools. I have dabbled with Makey Makey, and some simple programming. I’d like to learn more about using Raspberry Pis and I am looking forward to learning heaps from all the pros in this forum and sharing your projects and ideas with my students.


Hi Quozi,

We obtained a couple of BiM1 VHF transceivers, and are having a bit of drama getting comms between them using VirtualWire. Our hassle could be related to us trying to manage Arduino D10 directly. It appears VirtualWire has a press-to-talk capability, and possibly they are setting D10 high when we think we want it LOW. Do you make use of vw_set_ptt_inverted function?




@ronelephant, yes, for the BiM1, i’ve got;

void setup()
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(9, LOW);

and i’m also careful when transmitting to turn off the receiver, as the datasheet says to do;

uint8_t tx_rf(uint8_t *buf, uint8_t buflen)
  digitalWrite(9, HIGH);
  if (vw_send(buf, buflen)) {
    digitalWrite(9, LOW);
    return 1;
  digitalWrite(9, LOW);
  return 0;


Thanks Quozi. Two BiM1’s are communicating now. We were setting D10 low in a similar fashion to R9 on the receiver side, and Virtual Wire was negating our activity by setting D10 high. We changed it to use the ptt facility as you did. It is a real milestone in our little project.



@ronelephant, no worries, good to hear.


Thanks to the moderator for activating my login to the forum .:relaxed:
Greetings one and all. Just recently found time to look at Raspberry Pi and have ordered a Pi 2 Mod B to get started. Interest in the Pi is mainly associated with Ham Radio.
Look forward to participating here…


Hi, I am a retired engineer, rediscovering electronics and wants to keep up to date. i am a volunteer teacher for u3a - for seniors and retirees who want to remain mentally active and share experiences about their projects and discoveries. This year I am preparing new courses on electronics and I am interested in Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and LittleBits Electronics. I designed my first SoS (System on Silicon) computer over 30 years ago and it was used for many DMR and RTA projects including the first electronic Sydney Harbour Bridge toll system. Soon after this I moved into management and have not done any design for many years. I am now learning again and wish to share my new experiences that with others. I am spent some time exploring the Ninja Block platform and the Grove system and I am developing home automation and security systems based on these.


I’m Phil (Philbywhizz), an IT Systems Engineer/Administrator from Brisbane.
I started tinkering with electronics way back in the 80’s (Dick Smith Funway kits) but haven’t really touched it since leaving highschool (early 90’s).
I’m starting to get back into my old hobby and am mainly focusing in microcontrollers and digital electronics. I’m really interested in old retro computers (Apple II, z80, C64) and have a few projects going on building my own computer from scratch.


Hi All.

Neil from NSW, just finished building my first robot for my son who is interested in robotics.

I actually do 3D printing for a modest living, but have absolutely no idea about code/Arduino.

I’m hoping someone can help me with some code to get this thing up and running, possibly in exchange for a full set of plastics to build their own.


Hi, I am Tisham. I mostly work on image processing professionally. As a hobby I build and sell ESP8266 based energy monitors.

You can find them here -


Hi Techbot,

I think I am in the same boat as you - I live in Townsville, and am a beginner Arduino user - I studied electronics a long time ago (last century).

I am very time poor, but I would love to learn about this stuff - do you know of any clubs here that meet regularly?? The JCU club meets during the day which means if you work for a living, you can’t get to any of the meetings.

Cheers, Barbara


Hi I’m Alan,

Old school electronics guy, last time I worked on a processor it was machine code using an 1802/1805 processor. Looking to learn a few new things and see what I can offer and glean from people around. My first project is a full DHCP server. anyone with any information of knowledge will be much appreciated.

Thanks for the time


Hiya… ijitidea by name and probably nature :smiley: Hehehee.

I have no formal training in anything electronics or programming based but am curious and interested in building some idea’s I’ve been toying with a few years now.

Am partway through setting up a workspace to begin some practical experiments and possibly construction.
I’ve got onhand an arduino clone…and also a selection of components scavenged and salvaged, some components I have purchased [including some ic’s and boards for projects] and a slew of pdf’s of really old electric projects and builds that I am interested in trying…for example, making my own batteries and electricity generators from scratch…not that I believe I can actually power something usefully from homemade batteries but I want to build the different types of batteries and generators to see what I can see! :smiley: HEhehee

I am still in the startled and bewildered phase of discovering electronics, seeing marvels and wonders everywhere…so much so it has been difficult to settle down and focus on a single project. So many things have piqued my interest…DIY batteries, leyden jars, wimshurst machines, tesla coils, lahkofsky coils [am unsure of the quackfactor with some of the stuff I have seen] though discrete components with some ic’s is what I intend to focus on for the near future…I have a couple of 328 chips for my arduino-clone on the way so can forsee a couple of standalone projects using them in the near future :smiley:

I listen to The amp hour and like watching and listening to Dave Jones of the EEVBlog …any suggestions of other good EE related podcasts are appreciated.

I have an old tower computer I am set to rebuild into my electronic box for data storage [dattasheets! OMG, they can be a PITA] and simulation programs. Am hoping to use a flavor of linux on the thing.



Hi, I’m Steve from Perth.
I’m an artist and creative coder, and in recent years have been experimenting with electronics.
My favourite projects have been hacking RC control to electric wheelchairs, and connecting a robotic exoskeleton right arm to the internet with performance artist Stelarc.


Greetings, Marty here from Canberra. My projects are all car audio based but rely heavily on consumer electronics and controllers for bespoke systems.

My day job is an IT Manager, the above is a hobby (albeit expensive one) that my wife somehow tolerates.

If you have any questions, hit me up I’m happy to help


Hi, Jon from Sydney. Currently working on tracking (human) limb movements using IMU sensors for use in rehabilitation, physical therapy etc.

Some details at - this project link is currently a bit out of date - I am currently working on a newer system using all wireless based sensors.