New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

We’ll be seeing a new influx of community members next week, and to keep the forum a bit more organized I’ve decided to consolidate new member intros into one thread - at least for now.

So new members, please introduce yourself in this thread! Very much looking forward to hearing your story and learning more about your electronics projects. :slight_smile:

Hi, Im James from Little Bird. Ive been working here a short time now answering your technical emails. I will soon be doing product demo and even tutorial videos.
Ive worked in electronics and component sales for about 9 years and have been a sound / lighting engineer about the same time. Hope to chat to some of you in the forums in the future.

Im currently working on a hardware controller to further my obsession with kerbal space program. It is using an Arduino Leonardo talking over usb to the KSPSerialIO plugin.


Hey there,

I’m Marcus one of the co-founders of Little Bird.
Over the years I’ve been helping Maddy run Little Bird.

My most recent electronics project has been a web enabled Neopixel Ring with an Electric Imp and Arduino for the Advanced Arduino Workshop.

I can’t wait to see your projects!




Hi I’m Lisa Wark a textiles teacher at Riverside Girls High. I have no idea about electronics but think it is important for girls and STEM. I am beginning to explore the world of wearables. Just collected the e-sew book and am about to make a bookmark!! Interested in this community as I feel I may need some help down the track.


Hi my name is Dirk Slawinski and I work on various projects using LBE bits and bobs. Most of my projects work around Arduinos or Raspberry Pis, mainly for developing long term underwater video recording systems:

On occasion I do a bit with Scientists in Schools or related extension classes.


Hi, I’m Simon - a Sydney maker who likes experimenting with design and electronics.

My last Arduino project involved charlieplexing LEDs to make this cool looking shield, and my favourite lasercutting project was to come up with these cute little lanterns.


Hi All, I interested in arduino, GPS and raspberry pi. A couple of projects I’m working on (for ages) is my GPS aware hat which has led to alert me to certain locations and a device to help my disabled daughter control the videos she watches using a makey makey. I don’t get alot of time but always interested in the maker community. Also keen on a 3d printing but don’t have room and nothing yet reliable to use in my area.

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Hey Dirk how long do your under water video recording systems last and what are they made out of?

Nice work Simon, where did you get your Laser cutting done?

Hi Everyone. My name is Michael and I am working on several different projects (and finishing none of them). I am software engineer by trade but enjoy hardware engineering and woodworking where I try to include small electronics projects for automation. Currently my 10 year old son and I are working on a 5 x 5 LED matrix and I am also looking at using some of the Adafruit Neopixels for lighting up a new home theater cabinet in some way. Another project currently on the run is a simple weather station that records values and pushes them to a website. My grand project at the moment is to make use of some ex MiKi stepper motors I have acquired. Got 4 of them so I am thinking some kind of small CNC mill.

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What batteries do you use for your GPS tracker and how long does it last?

Hi All,
I am Glenn from Brisbane, Australia. I have recently become involved in the Dalek building world, and started assembling Martmod voice modulators for Australian enthusiasts. Naturally I am never happy, so one of the projects is modifying the Martmod to add an LED output for the gun working in conjunction with the recorded gun sound playback. I have used an ISD1820 for the audio and a 10F322 PIC to control it. Unfortunately the 1820 has no output to indicate it is currently playing, so I trigger the LED off the playback (exterminate) button, and use a brief pulse that appears on the record LED to cancel the LED output pin. Early versions it was a solid on, but later versions apparently it was pulsed, so that is the next version of code.
The other project is the Dalek remote control. Arduino based with a compass and movement sensors controlling the head rotation via a Pololu controller, and some form of remote control of the wheelchair base underneath the main body. My Mate Allan is doing the code for that and having great fun.

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What stack do you code in?

Hi, I am Darryl, and I am a borderline incompetent maker.

Currently working on an RC Hovercraft after my 3d printed boat hull almost worked, as in listing to one side and leaking internally.

Eventually I will convert something into a droid. The Arduino nano is bought and I am working on convering the signals from an RC transmitter to the Arduino. Also means I can run neopixel lights on it #shiny


Hi, my name is Will, I’m a mechanical engineer by trade but an “electronic enthusiast” on the side. My projects are mostly centered around my wife, she is a circus performer and fire twirler and I enjoy designing electronic props and costumes. I have created an LED hula Hoop and skipping rope and continue to work on Fibreoptic and EL costumes and whip props.

My next step will be to make them bluetooth controllable via a smartphone to change colours on request or be timed with music playing from the device.


My name is Kean and I run a Sydney based consulting business helping clients with electronics and software projects. Projects have included automated weighbridges for penguins and wallabies, GPS tracking of wildlife, intelligent lighting systems, scientific instuments for monitoring water quality and plant health, and industrial robotic controls. I love having LBE as a local supplier of a huge range of maker parts for quick prototyping concepts for clients.

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Hi all, I’m Damian, and my little project is to wire my house up with wireless temp/humidity sensors, then upgrade my electricity monitoring system and… then do some nice graphs. I don’t know what other motivation there is…?

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I’m another James Cameron, and I live near Tooraweenah, NSW. I work in a team making software and firmware at One Laptop per Child, a non-profit based in Miami. This week I’ve been fixing a sound card driver in the Linux kernel, which uses I²S and I²C on an ARM system-on-a-chip. When I’m not doing that kind of thing, I’m playing with PIC microcontrollers, Atmel, Arduino, esp8266, Teensy, temperature sensors, and RF networks.

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Hi Guys/Gals,

Michael V from Brisbane here, I have made a number of things in the past couple years details here.

Super pumped about this new community effort as I dont know many that are local to Oz. Great work Maddi and Marcus!



I use Ponoko, via their NZ facility. If you like them you can get your own, using the design here.

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