Pi 4B Heatsink & Top Hat

I would like to add a “Sense Hat” to the Pi 4B, but keep the top
heat-sink. So a 40 pin female IDC connector to a 40 way flat cable to a
40 pin IDC male connector should be able to get them connected. This
must have been required before. I can not find the cable on the website.
I can get the three bits from eBay and make the cable. Before I buy the
Sense Hat, will the cable connection work ???

I agree, no cable on Little Bird for male to female 40-pin IDC. There’s a 40-pin IDC socket. There’s ribbon cable. But no 40-pin IDC plug.

You might use extra-long headers to join two sockets.

Yes, a cable connection may work, provided the distance is sufficiently short. If you find it doesn’t work, reduce the distance. For the signal frequencies in use, my guess is anything up to 15cm should be okay, and anything up to 30cm will become marginal and unreliable in the presence of interference or excessive cable capacitance.

Thanks, I will save up for a Sense Hat to connect to my Pi 4B