Pi4 - No HDMI Output (Complete starter pack used)


Beginner with these kinds of things - I have the Raspberry Pi 4 complete starter pack (using provided power supply) however I have never been able to get a HDMI output on my monitor or projector.

I have run through the other topics/googled it and tried different combinations in the config.txt file for HDMI but have had no luck.

When I turn the power on, the led flashes a few times then leaves a solid light.

I’d appreciate some advice on what steps I should take.



Try flashing the card with Raspian - just been through this drama in the last few days and had no luck with supplied software on the card as it came :confused:

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Thanks! I will give that a shot.

I’m having a similar issue.

I ordered a microSD with noobs already on it. Connected up a HDMI and the right power supply. Nothing.

Flashed the microSD with noobs from the web just in case. Tried again, nothing.

Managed to find a TRRS to RCA cable to try it out with, still nothing.

I connected the pi up to my computer and it appears in Device Manager as “BCM2711 Boot”, so at least it’s getting recognized.

Any suggestions?


I am in the same boat, just downloading raspian to try and reflash the stock cards. I am on the nbn, so download will be finished in 45-47 hours, will report back soon.

Forget Noobs - put on Raspian and go from there - worked for me

Update from original post - flashed the SD card, installed Raspbian rather than Noobs - works just fine. Thanks for the help!

I was sent a new micro SD card and all worked well