picoMeter a cool little tool

Has anyone seen this before? www.pico-meter.com

Looks like a great tool for debugging projects. Has anyone used one? 70 bucks for an oscilloscope sounds very tempting


I’ve not used one, but the price looks good for the functions it has. Let us know how it goes.

I’ve used the Nonolith CEE, and someone I know uses the Mooshimeter. The CEE is 5V limited and USB connected; and not isolated, so you have to watch for ground loops. The Mooshimeter has to be taken apart just to change the microSD card or press the reset button. A real DSO wins over both though, because of bandwidth and resilience, and is worth the investment if you plan to be doing electronics a bit.

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The pico-meter looks ok for low voltage, battery powered stuff. I’d be worried about how long those probes & cables would last with any regular use.
I’ve got a couple of Mooshimeters. The software still needs improvement, but the datalogging functions are pretty neat, they use normal (replaceble) probes, and are safety tested.
For quick measurements I still prefer a traditional multimeter - no stuffing around with my phone and bluetooth connections.

Oh, and an oscilloscope with 200kS/s sampling rate is only barely useful for audio or PWM measurements - likely to be useless for most digitial logic measurements like I2C for SPI debugging.

Thanks fellows. I’ll buy one and see how it goes.