Raspberry Pi 3B+ stopped working!

Hi! My Raspberry Pi 3B+ has stopped working! I bought the Raspberry Pi this August, with order numbers in the email being #3571 and #143699.

We’ve been learning how to code in assembly using the Pis and well, in my last class, it died.

What happened: I had uploaded some example code given to us from the class website onto the Raspberry Pi, which was a code to display some words on a screen through the HDMI cable and to change with the input. The input was connecting two GPIO pins (17 and 19) with a lead wire. I called the tutor over who put the wire into the 5volt pin and when he touched the other end to the pin, the display flickered and died.

Now, when powered, the red LED turns on and doesn’t turn off until unpowered, no flickering, no green LED.

We’ve ruled out the SD card failing by testing that with other student’s Raspberry Pi, and we ruled out the power supply by putting another student’s working SD card, breadboard setup and power supply into my Raspberry Pi, which did not work. I also tried putting the SD card with the NOOBS distribution that came with the Pi, and attaching the HDMI cable + power supply, and nothing happened there either.

I really need my Pi working in the next week or so because I have a big assignment that needs the Pi. If I need the warranty, could it come in the next week?


Directly connecting 5V pin to the GPIO pins can destroy the processor on the Raspberry Pi. The voltage without current limit passes through the ESD protection diode inside the processor to the 3.3V power rail. The diode and nearby silicon on the chip shall heat rapidly. The heat destroys that area of the chip. Other areas are within distances under a millimeter are also damaged. Get a new one and don’t let anyone do that again.

http://www.mosaic-industries.com/embedded-systems/microcontroller-projects/raspberry-pi/gpio-pin-electrical-specifications has a neat diagram to explain the protection diodes.